Monday, December 6, 2010

Greetings from my home! xD

Hey guys! How are you doing? Long time no see you! :P


Friday, August 27, 2010

Good bye good bye!

Hey guys, as everything starts, everything ends, but god. Anyway, I am 14 by now and I think it is my time to quit Club Penguin blogging. There have been good virtual friends in my life, but they stay virtual. Now, I am going to dedicate 100% to my life. I'll be quitting my twitter too soon, so I will quit Club Penguin in some months.

I have a good social life, a rock music band to play and sing in, and many things to do. So this is the good bye. No, I won't return. Just make sure to remember me. Good bye my fellow penguin friends, I will moderate comments until Monday.

Your friend and helper,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Art for Haiti Finalists

Hello Penguins!
For everyone taking part in our Art for Haiti project, today's an important day... It's time to vote for our finalist!
After careful consideration, the team has picked the top 4 submissions. Now everyone needs to decide which picture to paint for the mural in Haiti.
Here they are - Bella Stars, Mochileiro 7, Cadogs, Mickey1216:

Which one did you vote for? I think they are all pretty awesome but I'd have to same option D has a lot of nice detail. I voted for option D, what about you?

-Mimi40751, Club PenguCheats Team

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Field Ops Mission 11 Guide!

There us a new Field Op available to complete! To successfully complete it, do this:

1. Log in Club Penguin
2. Select your server
3. Click on your Spy Gadget

4. Click on "Go there"

5. Walk to the Field Ops screen

6. Accept the Field Op

7. Open your map, and click the beach, then enter the lighthouse

8. Walk to the speaker

9. Your Spy Gadget should start blinking, click it!

10. Click on "ENGAGE"
11. Match the shapes in pairs by clicking them to connect them!
12. Congratulations! The Field Operation is done! Recieve your medal, and enter the elite gear to buy stuff, or just go on by clicking "OK"!

Let us know what you think in your comments!

-Alighf, Club PenguCheats Team

EPF Elite Gear: Tactical gear is out!

Club Penguin just released the 11th Field Operation, with as addition to it, new Elite Gear. This new Elite Gear is designed for tactical situations. Check it out.

The new Elite Gear is available under the Tactical tag.
Tactical Headsets
  • Alpha Headset
  • Delta Headset
Basic Set
  • H20 Pack
  • Range Finder
  • Tactical Gear
  • Tactical Boots
What do you think? Do you want more gear comming up? Did you like it? le tus know in your comments!

-Alighf, Club PenguCheats Team

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